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Home Safety for the Aging

April 3, 2013
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If you are a parent, you may know that bumps, scrapes, and sometimes, broken bones are all a part of growing up. But these things shouldn’t be a part of growing old. There are now so many quality products available that it behooves the elderly and caregivers to make the home a safer place.

We recently had a customer who was unsteady on his feet. At his mailman’s suggestion, we moved the mailbox eight feet closer to the front door. Now he is able to hold onto the door handle and retrieve his mail. He used to have to go outside, step down, carefully cross the porch, and expose himself to many potential hazards. In about one hour, we greatly reduced his chances of falling while he daily retrieves his mail. We also added a grab bar and a railing for his safety.

We also recently constructed a handicap ramp for a homeowner through the City of Peoria’s Adopt-a-Ramp program. Talking with the man’s daughter, we learned of his struggles to maneuver the steps. A simple ramp has given him more independence and has helped preserve the dignity of this fine gentleman.

Let us help you protect and care for those you love.

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