Room Additions

room additionsRoom additions can increase your square footage and improve the value of your home in one fell swoop. Room additions are the perfect way to give yourself a fresh, new space without having to move or change the areas you already like. Whether you’re hoping to build a sunroom, a guest bedroom, a rec room, or a screened-in porch area, allow S.F. Pauli Builders to help you plan for the future.

S.F. Pauli Builders designs and builds room additions that add to the functionality of your house, while complementing the existing exterior of your home. We care about giving you the highest quality service and construction in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties combined. We are connected with licensed subcontractors so that we handle all electrical, heating, and plumbing concerns that come up during a typical remodeling project. When you choose S.F. Pauli Builders, you’re picking a company that’s tried and true for your room additions.

Benefits of home additions:

  • More room – Whether you need storage for items, extra family members or guests, additional space can help. Even small room additions can yield profound results.
  • Increased value– Extra square footage can boost the price tag on your home.
  • Cheaper than moving – If you like your home, but feel a bit cramped, this may be the more cost-efficient option to finding more space than moving.
  • Added luxury – Whether you have a new closet, bathroom, or sunroom, you have something you weren’t able to enjoy before.
  • Safety and Convenience – Moving the laundry room up from the basement could be very a beneficial idea for busy moms or elderly homeowners.

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