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Room Additions – 3 or 4 Seasons?

February 28, 2013
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At S.F. Pauli Builders, we specialize in room additions. Our customers are often not sure if they want a 3 season room addition or a 4 season room addition. What’s the difference?

3 Season Room

A 3 season room, also sometimes known as a sunroom, patio enclosure, or porch enclosure, is intended to be used in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn. 3 season rooms are not temperature controlled, which is why they are not used in the Winter. They are sometimes built on top of an existing deck or patio, rather than being an entirely new addition to the house.

4 Season Room

The biggest difference between a 4 season room and a 3 season room is that a 4 season room has conditioned air. This includes air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Going along with the conditioned air, a 4 season room usually has better insulation than a 3 season room.

The important part of any room addition, whether it be a 3 season or 4 season room, is that it looks like it has always been a part of the house. Ideally the room addition will use the same window, roofing, and siding style as the rest of the house.

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